Frida and Kui : Morning wrap up

Kui : This morning was really fun. Today our group finished up our drawing game, called extra sketch. But we had to make something new because our project kept freezing. After that happen we herd that we had 30 minutes left so we couldn’t create a game, so we just created a fidget spinner on snap. Even though it was kinda a bummer it was still fun to create the fidget spinner.

Frida : The morning started off with all of use in the gaming room were we off cores played games. We then headed off to the room were we learn how to code and make our own video games. My group first made a fidget spinner game, but then we decided to make a drawing game instead. The drawing game was turning out pretty well until the computer we were using crashed so we had to go back to making the fidget spinner game. Hopefully the next day we can go back to fixing our original game.

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