Si,Dani,Frida Ginyu Force, Etch-a Sketch simulator, Thursday wrap-up

Frida: Etch-a Sketch simulator is a drawing game were you of course draw. Instead of having an arrow that you draw with we added characters that you

can draw with. The characters that we have is a pizza and a dabbing potato. You can change the color of the pen by pressing f, spaces bar to draw, s for pen up, g to change the pen size to small, h to make the pen bigger,  d to erase and a to clear.

The Super Fresh Dani: Hey y’all, so we the Ginyu Force made a game called Etch a Sketch Simulator. If y’all super rad dudes and dudets haven’t heard about it it’s exactly what you think, but better. As the FABULOUS!!! person I am I did most of the coding and I even made the AMAZING Rad Potato and Pizza Disc. So if you’re not convinced yet that this is the most FABULOUS game of all time then……you must be a WEEABO!!! So by y’all and as always…STAY FUNKY FRESH!!!!!

Si: we created a game called etch a sketch simulator  its basically drawing and different type of  key to work on drawings  and art Etch-a Sketch  is used to draw or anything that can draw.

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