Nani/Gisela, The Legends, Thursday Wrap-up

Nani: I help my team with the background for our project, then Gisela ask me if I could help her doing  another flappybirds . I give some of my own ideas to help my team finish our project, some of my idea they did not agreed with it. When we were about to presented what my hole team were working on this hole time and what they have mind.

Gisela: I help my team make a game called the impossible,then we showed the class. And everyone liked it also me and Nani made the background in the game i was cooperative with my group and then we are adding more levels and more details.

Gold crown Thursday wrap up

Zucchini: In our  game i helped with the progression and  in the previous design. I also did the powers of my character.

VenomLord: i did the design of the robots and the coding o f the robots and i did the sound of the play button

Elison: I did three thing is I combined  sprite (1) sprite (2) and sprite (3) to controls the key board to make same direction.

Kyaw: I create a game and it move. We introduce our game today. We test our game.

Karim I drew a charter and it was a creeper. I made my creeper move with a laptop.

Kay: I like to make a charter. I create a games. I play game at a computer.


Jose/GIOVANNI:), The Legends, Thursday Wrap-up

Jose: I put in some of the coding. I helped make different birds for the game. i also helped  make other ideas for the rest of the game but couldn’t finish it.

GIOVANNI:): I helped with the coding so the bird can flap. I also made some cool flappy birds. I also presented our project. I liked showing the other birds we made. This is what I did in the Thursday Wrap-up.

The Khule Kidz, Potato Boy Project,Thursday wrap up


We were suppose to make potato boy to save the valley from the humans but, we couldn’t do it like we envisioned. This occurred because me and my partner didn’t know how to make potato boy jump and the  rocket to  move by itself. We were pretty bummed that we could not do it like we wanted it to be but, at least we tried.


At first we had so much planned but at the end we couldn’t figure out what to do. It took us a long time just to draw everything and get set up and all that boring stuff so we started messing around. I felt sad and embarrassed because we did not finish and because of that……….I actually felt failure.

Ginyu Force, Drawing App, Thursday Wrap-Up


During our project I worked on a lot of coding. I helped with moving the pencil and a few of the features like color and size. I also worked on my own side project, and gave three turtles movement. I’m very happy with how the drawing app turned out.


I worked on some coding while working on the drawing app. I enjoyed adding various features like color, size and eraser. I was exceptionally happy with how the app worked. I also enjoyed working on side projects like a circle that would change colors overtime and a turtle game with Alfonso.

samuel,morning, wrap up, Wednesday

today I learned a lot and had a lot of fun I’m having a really rough time. This is basically like another day at school. I met new friends and learned new things. I’m the best at playing blur in the class. And I also turned into a nerd once again, I think.

sell,Nani,gisela: morning wrap-up Wenesday

First we played video games, then we went to the class to improve our project. We starting working and finishing up our shooting background for the project. After we worked for a long period time, we ate snack. Then our day continued. Things that we want to learn about, is how to make sound for our project. all in all we learned a lot.