Trevone,Tuesday wrap up

What I really am enjoying about this is the learning and interacting with everything and I’m having allot of fun in this camp.  The only thing I dislike about is camp is it end in a week. I would like more time to have fun with others.

Cristian Denis,tuesday wrap up

I enjoyed being in this camp, but i’m sad that I can’t come back next year. Also enjoyed learning on how to create games, even thought is a little hard for me but I try. The most I like about this camp was to do my favorite thing (playing). I’m really happy that I get to play games without my mom telling me to do my chores. The only thing that bothers me is going outside to go to the park because is way too hot outside.

nercho tuesday wrap up

Today that I learn about how do make a person in snap. On Monday I meet nice people in Rockwood DIY and I funny playing game.  It was fun working with group.

Destruction Tuesday warm up

Today, on website snap; that allow to create game or animation or draw picture    and color them. We have to work on group and it’s fun too. When I get stuck I can ask group leader to help me.

Samuel Tuesday wrap up

My project is going good. I’m learning a lot. and I’m having fun and making new friends. I played a lot of games. learned a new site. and I’m planing to come all day. But kinda annoyed because they are kinda making this seem like school.

jose tue rap up

Yesterday at Rockwood was good i got learn to make 2d motion character and play games. Today I learned how to think outside the box also I became more cooperative with others than I made new friends to talk to the last thing was I became more mind open.

Lo-so, Tuesday wrap up

In my time at Rockwood DIY camp I’ve learned how to use snap; a programming website that allows yo auto make games, animations pictures and other things. That wad one of the things that stuck out most to me, but something that was really fun for me was game time. I was boss at Battlefront and I’m about to smack some scrubs at Rocket League.