Mario Game Project


We add gravity and velocity and we add lives lava and when you hit the lava you lose one lives.We add a short trailer the trailer was about princess peach is trap in bowser castle mario have to go through bowers trap and if you touch the prana plant you lose lives.And bowser does not want mario to go though his trap.


In are Mario game i helped whith making gravity and deciding what perrana plant to use as a enemy.I also helped whith deciding the background we used for Bowser’s catlsle.I helped whith deciding the color of the level and i helped making the lava and lives.

gamer squad Mario Video Project Thursday wrap up


I would be doing the coding. The most fun was putting in the Bowser out thing.Also we made another game with Jake the dog. Look it up boi.


What I did was put in the pictures and what the characters were saying. It was fun being a part of the trailer for the video game called  Mario’s quest that  my other team mates created. Also we created another game called Pupy power which is about Jake the dog saving his next door neighbor from the evil cat Septharoth.


What I do is making sure all the spelling is correct and I also pick out the pictures and that’s basically what I do and we also made another game called pupy powers you should check it out.

Doh morning on wednesday

I Learn to code and I like street fighter and marios sound a effects. And eat do games  made mario’s quest.Add marios trailer and micarft games.

pawhsee, Morning wrap up Wednesday, 7~26~17

Today when I first got here I played video games,I played street fighter and won all my games!!!! Then we came into the other room and did our project,My half of the team finished so we are now working on a new project its called pupy power ,LOL well our first project is called Mario’s Quest and then we ate snacks and that’s all I did this morning.

Ashira Morning Wrapup

Today I learned how to use Snap a program that teaches you how to create video games. My group created a video game called Mario’s quest. Its about Mario saving Princess Peach from Bowser . Bowser wants to turn Princess Peach evil. We also created a game called Pupy Power. Its about this puppy named Jake he wants to save his next door neighbor from the evil cat Septhroth. I had so much fun creating video games and playing them.

aung pa morning wrap up wesday

I like to play game and to eat Mario game we did was good and fun we help each as a team and we put the sound together we play racing car game on xbox and win and lose i play rocket leage.

Nayana morning wrapup

Today i learned about snap a website about animations programming and video games.WE made a video game called pupy power its about a puppy named Jake . He is on a mission to save his next door neighbor from Septhroth  the evil cat. Also we made another video game called Mario’s quest  which is about Mario saving princess Peach from becoming  evil.

Quinlan morning wrapup wednesday

Today we worked on our Mario game and made it so he would make a sound when he jumped.We also made lives and lava.I have been having a good time at this camp so far and i realy injoy learning how to code.I like alot of things about this camp like the food the clases the games and much more.