The Khule Kidz, Potato Boy Project,Thursday wrap up


We were suppose to make potato boy to save the valley from the humans but, we couldn’t do it like we envisioned. This occurred because me and my partner didn’t know how to make potato boy jump and the  rocket to  move by itself. We were pretty bummed that we could not do it like we wanted it to be but, at least we tried.


At first we had so much planned but at the end we couldn’t figure out what to do. It took us a long time just to draw everything and get set up and all that boring stuff so we started messing around. I felt sad and embarrassed because we did not finish and because of that……….I actually felt failure.

Carlos, The Khule Kidz,Thursday

-Carlos did all the art and design if this project, also I came up with all the ideas for potato boy with the help of my good friend Trevone. I programmed the movement of the characters. I am currently working on the game and adding new levels and more characters.

-Trevone, I did all of the health and extra movement of the other sprites and the actions of the gun shooting and the bullets moving and the enemys attacking potato boy.

The khule kidz Thursday wrap-up


today  i finished my project i contribute by working on the drawing and by making the code also being thinkable than i made special backgrounds after that i am still trying to make some more things to do and sound effects.

samuel,morning, wrap up, Wednesday

today I learned a lot and had a lot of fun I’m having a really rough time. This is basically like another day at school. I met new friends and learned new things. I’m the best at playing blur in the class. And I also turned into a nerd once again, I think.

Jose,morning wrap-up, Wednesday

This morning has been going good and i made a decent progress to my game so far i added 3 character and a 2D side scroll and i got to play some games in the morning also i learned how to use snap the right way i’m about one-third done with the project i can’t wait to see my work when its finished.

Jesus:morning wrap up, Wednsday

today i made a power-up for the character in our game, the thing i like about this camp is that i’m learning something that i’ve  never learned before  and that i’m able meet new people that i’ve  never met before .

Trevone,Morning wrap up Wendsday

This morning i was able to finish up the start of the game.  Its is really fun while i was make it game.  I also learned how to import pictures and sounds that was really cool. Then I had a snack then I did some coding.

Carlos, Morning wrap-up Wednesday

So far today we were finishing up our game by implementing sounds and adding more texture to the background.  Other than that there’s not much left to do on our game. But I’m having a lot of fun just being here, sadly it only lasts a week.

Destruction, Morning wrap up, Wednesday

This morning I learn a lot and new stuff that how to edit the thing I did yesterday and make it move or make it talk. I draw new weapon and one potato and then color them. Sometimes i get stuck and then ask for help so then the team leader help me.

Cristian Denis,morning,wrap up,Wednesday

I had fun this morning because I finally got to play mario brawl and is been so long. I liked when I did art with my partner. I got to play more time to play games this morning. I’m still far from finishing my project but , at least I’m having fun. I’m happy that I’m on this camp.