Jose/GIOVANNI:), The Legends, Thursday Wrap-up

Jose: I put in some of the coding. I helped make different birds for the game. i also helped  make other ideas for the rest of the game but couldn’t finish it.

GIOVANNI:): I helped with the coding so the bird can flap. I also made some cool flappy birds. I also presented our project. I liked showing the other birds we made. This is what I did in the Thursday Wrap-up.

sell,Nani,gisela: morning wrap-up Wenesday

First we played video games, then we went to the class to improve our project. We starting working and finishing up our shooting background for the project. After we worked for a long period time, we ate snack. Then our day continued. Things that we want to learn about, is how to make sound for our project. all in all we learned a lot.

Jose/ GIOVANNI:morning wrap-up

We learned how to make flappy bird. we also made birds. we had lots of fun this morning. we also saw some other cool creations. we want to learn more about coding.  We had a very fun morning wrap up.


what i like about yesterday was when me and my partner were making something different even it was our first time on snap. what i learn about yesterday was creating a game.


I learned how to program. I  had a fun time today.  I learned how to make a game.


I liked learning how to code more. I liked making video games. Liked playing video games.


I learned about snap and i had fun with a lot of people here. I like playing with snap and learning about making different types of shapes and sizes. Snap is a very fun website to play with and can’t wait to learn more.


what I’ve learned here was to use snap Berkley and how to use stuff with them. It was fun because we got to have funny and kind staff. Another I enjoyed was having to meet nice people. I really like coming here its really fun. they not only let us learn but they also let us play video games. The past two days were amazing.


What I like of this few days is learning how to use snap and play video games.I like the food we have here.My third favorite  thing was going to play outside.