Doh morning on wednesday

I Learn to code and I like street fighter and marios sound a effects. And eat do games  made mario’s quest.Add marios trailer and micarft games.

Frida and Kui : Morning wrap up

Kui : This morning was really fun. Today our group finished up our drawing game, called extra sketch. But we had to make something new because our project kept freezing. After that happen we herd that we had 30 minutes left so we couldn’t create a game, so we just created a fidget spinner on snap. Even though it was kinda a bummer it was still fun to create the fidget spinner.

Frida : The morning started off with all of use in the gaming room were we off cores played games. We then headed off to the room were we learn how to code and make our own video games. My group first made a fidget spinner game, but then we decided to make a drawing game instead. The drawing game was turning out pretty well until the computer we were using crashed so we had to go back to making the fidget spinner game. Hopefully the next day we can go back to fixing our original game.

samuel,morning, wrap up, Wednesday

today I learned a lot and had a lot of fun I’m having a really rough time. This is basically like another day at school. I met new friends and learned new things. I’m the best at playing blur in the class. And I also turned into a nerd once again, I think.

pawhsee, Morning wrap up Wednesday, 7~26~17

Today when I first got here I played video games,I played street fighter and won all my games!!!! Then we came into the other room and did our project,My half of the team finished so we are now working on a new project its called pupy power ,LOL well our first project is called Mario’s Quest and then we ate snacks and that’s all I did this morning.

Ashira Morning Wrapup

Today I learned how to use Snap a program that teaches you how to create video games. My group created a video game called Mario’s quest. Its about Mario saving Princess Peach from Bowser . Bowser wants to turn Princess Peach evil. We also created a game called Pupy Power. Its about this puppy named Jake he wants to save his next door neighbor from the evil cat Septhroth. I had so much fun creating video games and playing them.

aung pa morning wrap up wesday

I like to play game and to eat Mario game we did was good and fun we help each as a team and we put the sound together we play racing car game on xbox and win and lose i play rocket leage.

Dani -Morning Wrap Up Wendnsday

Today was pretty dope, we made a fidget spinner simulator. Then again we made the fidget spinner simulator because our first game (etch a sketch sim.) kept glitching out and stuff. Though it sucks, it’s alright we just got to make some final touches to fix it but hey, at least we got a totally radical fidget spinner simulator out of it so ya… it’s all good. Also I played as the amazing Ness from Nintendo’s Earth Bound in Super Smash Bros, so ya….AWESOME!!!

Jose,morning wrap-up, Wednesday

This morning has been going good and i made a decent progress to my game so far i added 3 character and a 2D side scroll and i got to play some games in the morning also i learned how to use snap the right way i’m about one-third done with the project i can’t wait to see my work when its finished.