Nayana morning wrapup

Today i learned about snap a website about animations programming and video games.WE made a video game called pupy power its about a puppy named Jake . He is on a mission to save his next door neighbor from Septhroth  the evil cat. Also we made another video game called Mario’s quest  which is about Mario saving princess Peach from becoming  evil.

Jesus:morning wrap up, Wednsday

today i made a power-up for the character in our game, the thing i like about this camp is that i’m learning something that i’ve  never learned before  and that i’m able meet new people that i’ve  never met before .

Jordan, Morning Wrap-Up, Wednesday

This morning I had the privilege of teaching the morning lesson which was simply giving the kids time to work on their amazing programs. The variety in these are amazing, with some groups recreating games, making drawing programs, and even telling stories with their knowledge of the application. I can’t wait to see the finishing products of these amazing minds!

sell,Nani,gisela: morning wrap-up Wenesday

First we played video games, then we went to the class to improve our project. We starting working and finishing up our shooting background for the project. After we worked for a long period time, we ate snack. Then our day continued. Things that we want to learn about, is how to make sound for our project. all in all we learned a lot.

Trevone,Morning wrap up Wendsday

This morning i was able to finish up the start of the game.  Its is really fun while i was make it game.  I also learned how to import pictures and sounds that was really cool. Then I had a snack then I did some coding.

Si -Morning Wrap up Wendsday

I learned that snap can make what ever you want  and coding can be like a graph. At first it was hard then you get used to it. We started to make easy stuff like shapes then we learned to use controls and motion. You can drag and post images on snap that’s what I’ve learned today.

Carlos, Morning wrap-up Wednesday

So far today we were finishing up our game by implementing sounds and adding more texture to the background.  Other than that there’s not much left to do on our game. But I’m having a lot of fun just being here, sadly it only lasts a week.

Jose/ GIOVANNI:morning wrap-up

We learned how to make flappy bird. we also made birds. we had lots of fun this morning. we also saw some other cool creations. we want to learn more about coding.  We had a very fun morning wrap up.

Quinlan morning wrapup wednesday

Today we worked on our Mario game and made it so he would make a sound when he jumped.We also made lives and lava.I have been having a good time at this camp so far and i realy injoy learning how to code.I like alot of things about this camp like the food the clases the games and much more.